Homegrown owners,  ROBIN DAVIS  and  JENNIFER STARKS, are long-time residents of Donelson who recognized a need for a taproom and local grocery store on the east side of Nashville. They are fun-loving locavores who frequent eating and drinking establishments around Nashville building relationships with local artisans, farmers, and brewers in order to bring the goodness to the people of Donelson.

If you have been to a farmers' market in the Nashville area within the last few years you may already know Jennifer. For several years, she was the local sales and marketing rep for Kenny's Farmhouse Cheese. Affectionately referred to as simply “the cheese lady,” her cheerful face and infectious laugh made her popular with shoppers. Jennifer has a deep appreciation for food and beer and is a Certified Beer Server through the Cicerone program. She’s engaging and a lot of fun to be around - you'll see! 

Robin gets her entrepreneurial spirit honestly. Her grandparents owned and operated a small-town grocery store for nearly three decades. Music brought her to Nashville (shocker!) and she had a blast doing that for awhile. But, the day job ended up being more fruitful and more inline with her talents which ultimately led to the opening of her first business. With Homegrown, Robin returns to her family roots with a passion for the community that it serves.