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    • Homie Hour with $1 off pints, 4-7 pm

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    • Homie Hour with $1 off pints, 4-7 pm 

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EVENT SPOTLIGHT: Feel Good Fridays with Dan Colehour (2016)

Singer/songwriter and tireless volunteer, Daniel Colehour, came to us and asked if he could play here for tips on Friday during lunch with the sole purpose of donating those tips to the Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee. But that's only half the story.  

Long before Dan came to Nashville via Austin, San Antonio and California, he spent his youth in a small town in eastern Iowa where farming was a way of life for many people. Along his lyrical journey as a singer/songwriter, Dan found success recording his own music as well as penning songs for other acts including Trisha Yearwood and Montgomery Gentry. His contributions to the Nashville music scene have been considerable, but his contributions elsewhere in the Nashville community, specifically his work with The Second Harvest Food Bank, have had an impact on countless local people affected by hunger.

Six years ago, a conversation about a community garden to benefit the St. Philip’s Episcopal Second Harvest pantry rekindled his interest in gardening and giving back. “There had been some talk about starting a community garden and my wife came in one day and said she had volunteered me,” Dan said with a laugh. Dan took over the struggling community garden and made it a huge success. So far this year, the garden has produced nearly 1,200 pounds of completely organic food for the pantry, a resource that benefits the hungry right here in Donelson. “Every Second Harvest pantry is located in an area of need,” Dan said. “That is the first criteria. So, there is a significant enough need here in Donelson that they felt they needed one. And the folks over at St. Philip’s are just wonderful. They are over there every morning and there are people eating the food.”

While one out of every five children and one out of every six adults in Davidson County are affected by hunger, it’s sometimes hard to imagine that our own neighbors may struggle with this very real problem. Davidson County has 16 pantries across the city, but the model that Dan and other volunteers are making possible at the St. Philip’s pantry is especially helpful to Second Harvest and the people it serves. “When something comes out of a garden and goes straight to a pantry, it saves Second Harvest so much in terms of volunteer hours, and since produce has a short shelf life, it provides fresh food that isn’t on the verge of going bad,” Dan said. “What usually happens is a farmer will call Second Harvest and say we’ve got a half an acre of cabbage that’s been out there a couple of days too long. Do you guys want it? So they’ll head out there in a truck, pick the cabbage, load it and take to a warehouse and sort it, then it goes into boxes and then goes to the pantry. By us taking stuff directly to the pantry, it eliminates all of that.”

Please join us for the next Feel Good Friday and tell Dan how much you appreciate his giant heart by dropping a few dollars in our giant tip jar. Thank you in advance. For more information on The Second Harvest Food Bank of Middle Tennessee, visit secondharvestmidtn.org.